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The independent music communities on-line are a lot of fun to engage in and  other artists from all over the world no matter their genre are very welcoming and friendly!

"Sincere TV #YouTube is the World Wide Webs No.1 music video based partner website that offers audio visual entertainment. All Sincere TV cyber artists featured on the platform use it for self-promotion!"

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Please feel free to navigate this home page for artistic content. Our website is a independent platform. Organizing bookings such as live performances or performance recordings and rehearsals are arranged by direct contact wih the artists themselves. All the artistic material: MP3 / MP4, YouTube Live Streaming and videos related to DECENT (UK) can be found here with active redirecting url's for users if they wish to go to our partner web pages.

Users can leave comments, purchase music, download free MP3's, browse licenses, contact artists and producers directly, check out profiles, location/s and indie web label info!

Sincere - DECENT (UK)

Sincere (Organization United Kingdom)

Private Unlimited Company

Independent Web Label

Performing Artists Media/Visual Entertainment Products

Location - Somerset

Founded 2005

Welcome to DECENT Sincere Organization United Kingdom. This Sub Domain is for all of our "DECENT" performance material. Users can find all relevant product information on this website. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our sub site, and that you will find a lot of useful info plus media here. We pay great attention to the quality of our products and do our best to provide a fully functional and friendly service. You can find more detailed info about us on line plus contact the administrator, support or customer service team for help directly if need be.

We are "Active & Patient" as always. All artists self-manage with full creative control over their own material. Sincere is affiliated with (PPLUK, PAMRA & Arts Council UK) and soon to be reqistered as a private unlimited company. It was founded in 2005 whilst the owner was living in his home town of Bath (BANES) United Kingdom. As a performing artist and producer himself, Mr Frank Malcolm Kembery, took his independent media entertainment web labels humble beginnings to all new levels of creation slowly. Firstly before 2005 by way of imagination and then after several years on-line. After all the right things started to come together and take shape ten years had passed. After much ignorance and victimization since 1999 by the time it was 2007 proprietorship really commenced taking effect. The general managerial steps were taken to make sure all representatives that submitted artistic material could participate with absolute creative control under their own regime of self-management. All reps are self-employed sole traders as artistic performers and or representatives of the web label. This is the companies philosophy and driving force to on-line promotions when posting press releases that represent the indie media entertainment of the label. Sincere has undergone a membership affiliation with PPL and is registered for royalty revenue from broadcasts. All DECENT (UK) artists are digital media creators, performers, entertainers and equally in their own right web traders. The self-administration of ones material copyright is for copyright life and after that with any notary status in place the public domain is for the taking. The MP3's and MP4's are of a high definition quality and all formats have been digitally mixed and remastered for the pleasure of the world wide web.

Currently Sincere (R&M) UK represent half a dozen artists in the South-West (Somerset) region of Great Britain. AIM - the Association of Independent Music... AIM Represent over 900 independent labels and distributors across England giving them a voice and helping them to succeed. The web label is also registered with the Arts Council UK for funding on receipt and approval of application.

PPl Member Number 0105804728

Conditions & Terms Applied... 

Contract lengths arranged for life of copyright... 

Sincere (Recordings & Management) UK employs artists that are performers, representatives, producers, self-administrating self-managers and traders in control of their own creativity and marketing. Each artist is not permitted to share any percentage of ones royalties, be that, quarterly earnings from broadcasters or live performances, plus media rights revenue with the general manager or any other self-administrating managers. It is imperative that all artists do not overlook or alter their data's media licenses or the statistics to any or all purchased downloads from any personal account/s. All artists are self-employed creators and traders of mp3 and or mp4 media entertainment. Artistic representatives are the business and administration management of audio/visual recordings compiled as mastered mixes can be downloaded for free and at a fixed price. 

Info, bookings or anything please contact -


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